Record Labels


This Digital Contact will put you in touch with senior executives and staff of record labels from major labels to independents.

3,674 approx. contacts

Digital Contact List fields include (where available):
Contact First Name, Last Name, Company, Title, Company Type, Mailing Address, Country, Phone, Email, Website.


Please note: Digital Contact Lists will be delivered to the email on the account. Processing can take 24 to 48 hours.

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ATTENTION: By purchasing Digital Contact Lists, you are agreeing to Pollstar’s End-User License Agreement.   Actual quantities of contacts/companies will vary. All data provided including email addresses are included where available and reflect the Pollstar database at the time of purchase. Digital Contact Lists will be sent in Excel format to the email associated with your account. Due to the nature of the data, once received, your DCL purchase is non-refundable. Email outreach is subject to privacy laws in most jurisdictions. It is the purchaser’s responsibility that any use of the data included in a Digital Contact List is lawful.